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Estate Planning & Year of Death Tax Returns

We assist our clients with structuring their affairs such that their plans and desires for their estate are achieved in a tax effective manner so that there is no burden placed on their loved ones upon their passing.

We sit down with our clients, often over multiple meetings to determine what they want to achieve and how they envision their estate and affairs upon their passing, and provide direction as to the means to achieve that vision.

We also assist with the structuring of wills and the execution of wills.

Upon the passing of a loved one, a final tax return is required to be filed upon which the assets of the individual are deemed disposed of and taxed if alternative tax planning mechanisms have not been put into place prior to their passing.

We complete Year of Death Tax Returns and advise the family members or friends of the individual who has passed as to the implications of their death for tax purposes, what the CRA requires as well as what any other third party organization may require.

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